Let’s create a Communication Plan now to expedite the process of the recovery

“When fishermen cannot go to sea, they mend their nets”

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We are living dramatic events that have taken our society by surprise. As could be expected, facing a crisis that has overwhelmed all of us, we are paralyzed in the light of dramatic and stark financial forecast that, at best, envisages a few months standstill. However, for a recovery plan for our companies and our clients THE TIME IS NOW. We cannot wait another two months to elaborate our Action Plan together with a Communication Plan, and for it to be discussed, to be approved, … Because it will be June by the time we start sending information about our companies and products.

Some companies are already conveying their values and commitment to society: they have changed the objective of their activity to place it in service of others because while reviewing their products they realised some of them prove to be most useful at present …

Other companies consider it as an unavoidable downtime but have a clear view and they will not stop supplying their products and services to a society that needs them more than ever. So, for them to reach in a more efficient way, we must have a previously well laid down Communication Plan that tackles the different ways to integrate and reinforce them: Events and Trade Fairs participation, organizing meetings with clients, Media Communication information and an efficient Digital Marketing management sustaining the entire framework.

Some companies are already conveying their values and commitment to society

The time has come to activate our talent and start working hard. There is no point in wallowing in self-pity as this would be a huge disservice to ourselves in all aspects in life. Lack of results in the future would be, somehow, down to our inaction and paralysis in the face of the crisis now.