Wooden architecture and interior design: how to conquer the media

With years of experience in media relations and with consistent fact-based and verified data, we can demonstrate that the investment in media relations turns out to be one of the most profitable when trying to build up a brand or corporate image.

Proyecto GRUPO GUBIA. Fotografía de Javier Orive.

At the present time, wooden constructions and design have reached their glory thanks to designers and architects that choose traditional materials and mix them with new and innovative techniques worthy of raising awareness.

Wood is a robust material, timeless and warm. Furthermore, timber is the only renewable construction material available as it naturally occurs and trees help to absorb large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere. The many advantages of this material classify it as one of the most widely used in architecture, design and interior design granting each one of the spaces with a classic and inspiring touch brimming with comfort and warmth.

Here at CTC we are aware of all of the great benefits for the industry that are inherent to this material and we have been working for years towards increasing the visibility of projects and companies focused on wood through the creation of bespoke and updated communication plans that have allowed many of our clients to establish themselves in this competitive sector and achieve their objectives.

Communication is important and it must, therefore, be a key element of any corporate strategy. Our agency offers a comprehensive variety of services (media relations, social media and advertising management, publications and reportages creation, events and conferences organization, etc …) that will contribute to the growth and recognition that your business needs. Now, more than ever, investing in an integrated communication plan is a must.

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