If you want your brand or corporate image to be recognized there is no other way: a communication that fully integrates very different capabilities and is done in a professional manner.


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Integrated Media Communication information together with an integrated management of the different Digital Media platforms yield a superior performance compare to other marketing strategies.

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We are that enthusiastic communication, public relations and digital marketing management team that your company needs. We propose the development of a solid and integrated communication plan that takes into account the different formats and channels and effectively implement it.

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a multidisciplinary team of expert professionals in the field of communication

Consuelo Torres
More than 30 years in Corporate Communication. Always leading the team to ensure client’s growth, from start-up profiles to multi-national organizations.

Beatriz Atienza
A born journalist. You can be certain that all the media will receive all that they need to know about your company.

Lorena Bajatierra
Tenacity personified. In a constant self updating process to incorporate the latest media tools to communication

Paloma Betancort
Represents our best prepared young persons. Combining the neatness of the lawyer with the beautiful writings of the journalist.

From the strategy to the day to day work, with your profitability in mind.

We fuse with your team, and the proof of that is that our clients have been working with us an average of 5 to 10 years.

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We collaborate with other agencies and professionals to help our clients reach virtually the entire world. Let’s make a plan and get where your business needs to go.

Just in Case

Creative and eclectic communication agency with a vocation for architecture, interior design, culture and real estate and industrial sectors. With a strong and consolidated team is our regular allied in the Iberian Peninsula.


Founded in 1994, Konsens is a press and public relations agency providing internal and external communication services. Offers an efficient service to several industries such as construction, chemical and machinery.

Nathalie Illic
(France and Italy)

Corporate, marketing and event communication B2B and B2C in the fields of interior design, architecture, chemical, health and automotive. Based in France, acts as liaison with other professionals in Europe and USA

media impacts in the last year

years of experience and counting

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20 years working with major brands and companies that have grown as a result of our collaboration. These are some of them.

What our amazing client say?

I have found in CTC Comunicación the best ally to promote DistrictHive’s comprehensive communication. The DH project required a 360º service that would involve not just establishing relations with the media as a press department, but also dynamically managing the social networks, generating quality content and establishing collaborations with influencers, seeking opportunities with production companies and agencies that chose DH as a location for their recording materials, responding to clients and users and managing the rentals of the house. All of this has been carried out in a highly professional, efficient and approachable manner.

Priyesh Patel

For many years I have collaborated with Consuelo Torres and her team to establish and develop KAWNEER in Spain and Portugal. They have always shown great professionalism, highlighting the relationship based on commitment and trust. CTC Comunicación has an excellent knowledge of the construction sector and the media in the Iberian Peninsula. I am really looking forward to working with them again..

Bértrand Lafaye
BLMC. Marketing and Communication Director. Building metal frames and fittings specialist.
Former Marketing and Communication Director for Southern Europe at KAWNEER.

I have worked with Consuelo Torres and her team for many years and I know that I can fully trust them as well as their professionalism, knowledge and network to achieve remarkable Communication success in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal)

Andrew Wilkins
Comunicación Global Manager/Director
Guardian Industries

Working with CTC Comunicación is synonymous with trust and professionalism. Thanks to their management of media communication, the reach of the issues addressed by the Association has grown exponentially. They also manage the writing, edition, coordination, design and layout of our magazine as well as spokespersons training and meetings with the industry sector stakeholders. Ultimately, CTC Comunicación provides an integral communication solution that reinforces and strengthens the image of ANECPLA in the sector and the society in general.

Milagros Fernández de Lezeta
Managing Director

Consuelo Torres has worked with me for many years as a Communication Consultant in Spain and Portugal (…). Within the EMEA area, Corian® and Tyvek® in the building construction sector are the business where her support has been more regular, always responding, even under pressure, being the liaison with many different stakeholders at all levels.

Claudio Vincenzo Greco
Marketing Communication and PP.RR. Director (EMEA)
Corian® Design / DuPont Safety & Construction


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